5 Steps to Manufacture Your prototype

Before hiring us and without obligation, we will propose our NDA agreement in advance. Later, we will study your project Request NDA

Enumeraremos los requisitos a conseguir en el proceso de fabricación de prototipos funcionales.

En menos de 72 horas contarás con un presupuesto cerrado. Con el importe que marquemos, asumimos la responsabilidad de conseguir el 100% de los requisitos funcionales de tu prototipo.

Tras la activación del proceso de fabricación de tu prototipo funcional, recibirás la planificación temporal y calendario de trabajo. Cada semana revisarás el estado de fabricación de tu prototipo funcional.

We will convert the list of requirements into a “checklist”. We will review together the fulfillment of 100% of the functions. Achieving them in the most efficient way is our commitment.

Comprometidos con la innovación

¿Necesitas hablar con un asesor de inventores?

Compartiremos contigo toda la información que necesites de forma gratuita. Contamos con un método propio que te permitirá acelerar el proceso de transformación de tú idea o patente en un prototipo funcional, útil para captar socios industriales, inversores y potenciales clientes.

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Hablemos de tu proyecto

We are aware of the importance of protecting information, for this reason we only ask you for superficial and basic details that allow us to assign your project internally.

Let's show that your idea works

Más de 15 años especializados en la fabricación de prototipos funcionales


Digital Validation

Based on your vision, we will design and simulate the main functions of your idea in digital environments


Manufacture of the prototype

We will manufacture and iterate as many times as necessary to demonstrate the technical viability of your prototype


Check its functioning

Taking as reference the list of functional requirements shared in the hiring, we will check every detail.

Our clients give their opinion

Institutional clients

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Se trata de un proceso iterativo que persigue conseguir la primera versión de un producto. Esta versión debe ser suficiente para demostrar, de forma práctica, la viabilidad técnica de un invento. Somos especialistas en fabricación de prototipos funcionales.

It is an iterative process that seeks to achieve the first version of a product. This version must be sufficient to demonstrate, in a practical way, the technical feasibility of an invention.

We will conduct a global background study through three democratized methods in the sector. Later we will define the safest and most economically viable protection strategy.

Before investing money in the protection of your idea, you must demonstrate that it is technically feasible. The best way to achieve this is through a working prototype. If you already have the patent, don't worry, we can help you

There is no relationship between the price of the prototype and the cost price of an industrialized product. The prototype is the unit that bears the entire burden of engineering and innovation. They are inviolable services and moments and not at all comparable.

It is difficult to anticipate a price without knowing the scope of your invention, but we guarantee that you will obtain a fixed price in less than 72 hours. We have manufactured prototypes from € 1000 to € 70,000

Although this is an iterative process, it typically takes less than 90 days for us to achieve 100% of the functional requirements. According to our method, you will be part of the process and you will be aware of the progress every week.

The pre-series are manufactured with non-industrial means, for this reason, their price should not be taken as a reference or compared with the prices that could be achieved by manufacturing thousands of units. The unit price in the pre-series is usually between 5% and 10% of the budget of the first prototype.

At Prototécnica we have the capacity to manufacture pre - series of prototypes. With non-industrial means, we will be able to replicate with a high level of accuracy the characteristics of the prototype delivered in the first stage.

Management team

Jaime Bedia


Visionary, entrepreneur and private investor in more than twenty companies during more than 40 years of professional experience. Jaime Andrés has a degree as an Industrial Expert from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a Bachelor of Economic and Business Sciences from the Complutense University. He has founded maintenance companies and small industries for the sectors such as construction and aerospace, with which he has developed a multinational present in more than 5 countries. 

Diseño y fabricación de prototipos

Iván Bedia

Technical Director

Entrepreneur, private investor and passionate about industrial engineering. Iván has founded and directed for two decades companies related to aeronautical maintenance, as well as private investment management and strategic consulting. He brings to each project a significant dose of business vision and industrial viability that is highly relevant for the immediate future of each project. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Alfonso X El Sabio University and an MBA from the IE Business School. 

Erick Remedios. Fabricación de prototipos funcionales.

Erick Remedios

Commercial Director

After a decade supporting entrepreneurs in the start-up and commercialization processes of innovative solutions (an activity that he maintains at BusinessInFact, SA), he dedicates 25 hours a day to accompanying each of Prototécnica's clients, ensuring in any case that they obtain prototypes that, in addition to being innovative, have sufficient sales pitches. He has a degree in Communication from the University of Havana and a Master in Management of Communication between Companies from the URJC.

Inventor, this letter is for you

If at any time you have been looked at with a "strange" face or you have felt different in your professional and / or family environment, you have just come to the right place. We have been working for more than a decade with Inventors who, like you, are born to create solutions to problems that everyone would ignore. We are aware of the effort and time that you have devoted to defining or patenting the idea, as well as the level of “misinformation” that you may suffer from the moment you get ready to demonstrate its technical viability. If we are in contact, it is because you will have already discovered that, neither the industry is the optimal partner to design and manufacture your first prototype, nor the companies specialized in patents will be able to help you at this stage. Although it would sound good to define ourselves as the "Macro - Company" of Prototypes in Europe, the truth is that Prototécnica is a Micro SME with only 10 engineers in different specialties, but with a common passion, facing challenges regardless of sector or level of complexity. If you want to know us better and discover our working method, you just have to clickHere «

Erick Remedios Muiños
Commercial Director

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